Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

All the contents contributed by users to CIVITAS Heritage have a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Spain License, that is, they can be copied, distributed, publicly communicated and transformed, as long as CIVITAS is cited as a source.

The corresponding Intellectual and Industrial Property rights are reserved to the University of Zaragoza because they are its exclusive property or, in another case, because it has authorization for its use. These rights cover all the elements that make up the graphic design of your website, menus, codes, controls and navigation buttons and all the information stored on it, including text, graphics, images, sound and any other material.

In the same terms, the University of Zaragoza is also the owner of the industrial property rights derived from the use of its brand and any distinctive sign that appears on its website as well as the domain

In general, the University of Zaragoza reserves the rights of reproduction, modification, adaptation, public communication, maintenance, correction of errors, assignment, sale, rental, loan and/or any other intellectual or industrial property right that may correspond to the content of your website. Any exercise of the above rights, regardless of the way or form in which they occur, will require prior written authorization from the University of Zaragoza.

The exclusive reservation of intellectual property rights will not apply to those contents where the University of Zaragoza explicitly changes the license conditions of some of those rights. In particular where coverage under Creative Commons licenses is specified, these will take precedence over the general reservation of all rights specified above.

Link to other sites and web pages

In the event that the web page offers links to other websites and web pages owned by others and, even if it tries to ensure that these third parties meet the appropriate standards, the University of Zaragoza declines any responsibility for its contents or the services that they provide and is not responsible for the integrity and veracity of the same.

Links from other sites and web pages

The University of Zaragoza, in order to allow other pages or websites to link to it, will require compliance with the following rules, prior request for link authorization from them:

a) That the link contains identification of the source.

b) That the effect of activating the 'link button' is the communication with the site or any of the web pages of the University of Zaragoza and not an incorporation of their contents on the page in question.

c) That the intellectual and industrial property rights of the University of Zaragoza be respected, not being able to incorporate distinctive symbols, logos, search engines, etc., typical of it into the page in question.

d) That, reciprocally, the University of Zaragoza may establish links from its web page with the web page in question, if it deems it appropriate.

For non-compliance with these conditions or for other reasons if deemed appropriate, the University of Zaragoza may revoke the authorization without the right to compensation or compensation.


The University of Zaragoza will make the necessary efforts to avoid errors and, where appropriate, repair or update them as soon as possible, and cannot guarantee their non-existence or that the content of the information is permanently updated.

In no case will the University of Zaragoza be responsible for possible infringements in terms of intellectual and industrial property that any user of the website may commit. Similarly, given the nature of the medium and the possible risks of content alteration by third parties, the University of Zaragoza excludes any liability that may arise from the content that appears on its website.

The University of Zaragoza does not guarantee that the website and the server are free of viruses and, therefore, it is not responsible for damages caused by accessing the website or by the impossibility of accessing it. Nor is it responsible for communication failures, interferences or breakdowns caused by technical or telecommunications services provided by third parties or from servers outside of it.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Both the General Conditions of Use and the Particular Conditions and the Privacy Policy followed by the University of Zaragoza are governed by Spanish law.

Any controversy in relation to the website of the University of Zaragoza will be substantiated before the Spanish jurisdiction, submitting the parties to the Courts and Tribunals of Zaragoza, expressly waiving their privileges, if they had them and were different from those reviewed.